if you want to know the answers to these and many other questions why not take a walking tour with somebody who lives here

Welcome to Lacock Tour Guide,

I live on East Street with my family, a stone’s throw away from the High Street, Church Street and West Street. Our two young girls go to Lacock Primary School so we’re integrated in the village community of about one hundred houses, around four hundred people and a thousand years of history.

Bath and Lacock have been home for the past 30 years.It’s an interesting place to live, built around a walkable square and full of warm friendly characters some of whom can trace back their families in the village for hundreds of years.

I’ve listened to many of the people here tell their stories, enthralled and enchanted by these tales of a bygone age in a not so bygone village. I’m not alone.Many TV and film directors have thought the same and over 30 productions have been filmed in the village. Harry Potter, Downton Abbey, Cranford, Pride and Prejudice, The Other Boleyn Girl, Wolfman, Emma, the list goes on and on

east street guided tour lacock tours guided
East Street
west street lacock tour guide
West Street

Walking guided tours of Lacock can and should be much more than a point and look at houses. The history is here and I can help you unlock it. Lacock is a storybook. With the words in place it can be brought to life and your imagination can paint the colours and transport you back to a time of long ago.

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High Street
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Church Street