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And so it begins

Welcome to my Website, essentially borne from listening to people visiting Lacock and wondering about those questions on the home page and a lot more besides.

Living in the village I get a different perspective and a lot more understanding of why people want to visit Lacock, it’s a truly beautiful and unique destination and an enjoyable way to while away some time. The historical aspect is fascinating, a love of natural and ancient history together with a life long passion for cinema ensures i’ve plenty to see and do.

If boredom sets in there’s always my children to keep me entertained and on my toes ! Yep, life round here can be many things but i wouldn’t call it dull.

I hope the Website is of interest and if you’re ever headed this way why not have a stroll around the village with me….in the meantime I’ll keep this as current as can be, what I hear, what i see and any film production news will be posted on here or my twitter account or you can sign up for the newsletter.


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And so it begins